Vinyl Media for T-Shirt Printing

When it comes to T-Shirt printing, there are a hell lot of options available in the market these days. Printing technology has been growing fast all these years. Major T-Shirt printing methods/techniques that are currently available in the market are:

  • Screen Printing
  • Vinyl Media Printing
  • DTG (Direct To Garment)
  • Transfer papers
  • Sublimation

Today I would like to share info on Vinyl Media. We at have been majorly using vinyl media prints (by Siser ) till date and all I can say that with "Vinyl Media Prints" you always end up having happy customers.

Vinyl Media - Best for Start-ups

Vinyl media is best for start-ups, it requires

  • Low budget to kick start

A vinyl cutter, a heat press, a designing software (like Corel or Illustrator), vinyl media, peeling tools and a table to keep all the stuff is all you need to start vinyl media printing.


  • Less setup area

A strong and sturdy table is all the area you need for vinyl media printing.  


  • No MOQs

With vinyl you can print or customize even one t-shirt. So bye bye to MOQs and I must say that the retail clients love this.


  • Great quality prints

Colors are sharp and have great wash-ability.


  • Allows you to play with you creative side with a wide range of decorative media like glitter, holographic, stripflock, glow in dark media's etc.

There is a wide range of options available when you go for vinyl media printing. Gold, silver, holographic, glow in dark, stripflock, glitter, brick and what not and the kind of effect that one gets with vinyl prints is far better than any other printing techniques.


Vinyl Media - The Process

  1. Prepare your vector design using corel or illustrator
  2. Place the media in reverse position in your cutter
  3. Cut the design in reverse
  4. Peel of the unwanted areas from your design
  5. Heat press your design onto your garment

Note - Remember to mirror the design while cutting so that when you place the peeled design on your garment the correct design is transferred/printed.


Vinyl Media - Cons

  • High printing time per t-shirt
  • No bulk discounts since the amount of media used and efforts remains the same ALWAYS.
  • Designs with full color gradience are not possible with same setup. (You have to go for print and cut solutions)
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